I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our supporters and counterparts: intellectuals, academics, leaders, professionals, experts, visionaries and well wishers, who have supported and encouraged us for the past 30 years.

On the 13th of May 1989, Datamatix initiated its primary knowledge providing efforts humbly and modestly. Since then, and after 30 years Datamatix has emerged as a leading global knowledge contributor and architect, an information dynamo and a major shaper of opinion in the region.

Our foremost mission has been, and still is, to develop multinational partnerships, construct valuable dialogue with people around the world and foster friendships. We have continuously striven to tear down regional and global impediments and build new networking opportunities between people, cultures and organizations. Although we started as a regional knowledge provider, today the scale of our achievements has turned global. Datamatix events are designed and intended to accommodate with the training and development needs of senior executives, decision makers and the young leaders of tomorrow, in an era of immense interconnectedness and globalization.

Our commitment at Datamatix is basically aimed at bringing innovative practices, unmarked thoughts, and modern developments that can make global leadership competent enough to keep pace with the most recent changes. Our initiatives and activities support regional and global governments and businesses, facilitating relationships with international entities across the globe.

Our key aim is to promote continuous growth and innovation in order to project this region to the forefront of the global commercial scene. Our events intend to be dynamic and interactive, and with our growing capabilities, increasingly customer-tailored.

Commencing from a small and simple establishment to this date, Datamatix has come a long way. We have managed to evolve into a virtual motivating force with multiple competencies and services, all with the intent of keeping our audience engaged, informed and inspired.

This is certainly not the end of our path of excellence; it's yet another beginning. Throughout the previous 30 years of ensuring the provision of quality business and leadership knowledge and services, we have achieved tremendous growth and success, and have been graciously rewarded with the trust of regional and global organizations in both, government and business sectors.


Due to the globalization revolution and its technological impact, the world around us is changing at an unprecedented rate; fueled by the new media and the shrinking distances between nations, we face a stream of information every day. We are living a new reality and I am profoundly grateful that when Datamatix completes 30 years, it will be in the spirit of embracing the future. I have immensely enjoyed the progress of Datamatix during the last 30 years. With our commitment and determination, we have reached the forefront and are currently in touch with global leaders in business, economy, technology and politics.

At Datamatix, we firmly believe in the ability and the responsibility to make a change and create a great deal of difference - by promoting development and enhancing economic empowerment, by providing the knowledge needed to overcome challenges, by achieving sustainable development, by breaking the barriers to economic growth, and by closing the digital segregation.

As borders disappear, people move without restraint, and information and ideas grow too, at a spectacular pace. In today's open society, Datamatix and counterpart organizations can play the crucial role of developing and providing the latest well-run knowledge.

With the recent changes in open markets and public investments by wealthy nations in developing countries in various fields such as education, health care and the environment, as well as improved governance in those countries themselves, the Middle East region and the world can develop a future in which prosperity is shared more widely and potential realized more fully than before.

Competition provides a momentum for growth; it increases motivation and innovation and creates livelihoods locally, regionally and globally. However, we must do more to improve education and job-training so that more people have the skills to compete in a world that is changing very rapidly. The region's countries must be less resistant and reluctant to required changes, so that vigorous economic competition does not become a race to the bottom, but a race to the top.

Furthermore, it's important to acknowledge that trade alone cannot lift nations from poverty, whereas innovation and reinvention can. And it is the aim of Datamatix to support and inspire this innovation amongst people and organizations through its various events, awards and services.

As Victor Hugo said, "There's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come." The reverse is also true: There's no bigger curse than a big idea that hangs on after its time has gone. And for these reasons, I hope all of us will give this a thought; no generation has ever had the opportunity that we have now to build a regional and global economy that leaves no one behind and, in the process, creates a new century of peace and prosperity for the Middle East and the world. As it clearly seems a wonderful opportunity, it is also a profound responsibility.

For the past 30 years, we at Datamatix have done what we could to bring the latest knowledge and understanding to guide our region towards the best practices in ICT, leadership, economy and women empowerment, and we hope to continue doing so for many more decades to come.

We at Datamatix believe that knowledge is homogeneously the most important catalyst to shape the lives of young people and spur true economic development in this region. Every single person in the society must work to bring the latest knowledge, share the best practices and build the best infrastructure to make the region and the world, as a whole, successful and hence build hope for the future.

Datamatix is dedicated to the task of preparing the Middle East and other global entities for the new global economy, as we all know that globalization is clearly tearing down barriers and building new networks and bridges among nations, peoples, cultures and organizations at an astonishing and historically unprecedented rate. This phenomenon has been fueled by an explosion of ICT which enables information, ideas and money, people, products and services to move within and across national borders at increasingly greater speed and volume.

In such a fast pace world, it becomes pivotal for us to be continuously updated about the latest trends and developments, in order to get hold of the opportunities presented by the global economy.

Now, as we look forward to our 30th anniversary, we hope to see you at the celebrations in order to share our vision of the region's future together. I thank you all for your patronage, support and friendship.

Ali Al Kamali,
Managing Director
Email: kamali@datamatixgroup.com